1. Start with your paper white side up. Fold in half, as shown. 2. Fold the outside corners into the centre line, and crease well. 3. Fold the top triangle backwards 4. Fold the corners of the model in
toward the centre, crease well, then
open again.
5. Bring the highlighted corner up and outward using the crease shown. Then bring the highlighted corner back down toward the centre line and flatten. 6. Repeat this step on the opposite
corner... the model should now look
like this
7. Fold the outermost corners backwards on the angle shown and crease well.
8. Mountain fold the model in half. (Fold backwards) 9. Rotate the model slightly so you can see the bird forming 10. Make these creases and unfold

11. Using these creases, inside reverse fold to
make the head and the tail of the bird.

If you have folded the feet at the correct angle (in step 7), the model should stand up.

You can refold the feet if you need to.

Finished bird!


Origami Bird

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