1. Start with your paper coloured side up.

Fold in half, then in half again, as shown. Crease well, then open out again.

2. Turn the paper over and fold in half diagonally and in both directions. Crease well and open out once again.


3. Holding the points shown, bring them both down to the centre point on the bottom line. Flatten model. This is called a waterbomb base.


4. Fold the top triangle into the centre and unfold. Using this crease, open out the triangle and flatten.


5. You’ll need to repeat step 4 on all four of the flaps of the waterbomb base. The model will now look like this. 6. On the uppermost diamond, fold the outside corners into the centre line, crease well then open. 7. Fold the whole model in half and open.


8. Using the creases made in step 6 and 7, lift the bottom point of the model (the uppermost layer only) up to the top point, bringing in the sides of the model at the same time, as shown.


9. Repeat steps 6, 7 and 8 on each if the four sides. The model should now look like this. 10. Now fold down each of these triangles, on all four sides. 11. Rotate model upside down, so the open part is at the top.


12. Fold the outer flaps toward the centre and flatten. 13. Repeat step 12 on all four sides of the model. The model should now look like this. 14. Fold down all petals, opening the flower as you go.


Completed Lily!

Origami Lily 

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