1. Start with a rectangular piece
of paper, coloured side up. Fold in half, then open.
2. Fold in half downwards.


3. Bring corners in to centre line.
4. Fold uppermost layer upwards & do the same to the back. Crease well.

5. Pull the sides out and flatten.


6. Fold front layer up to top, & do the same to the back.
7. Pull the sides outwards and flatten.
8. Gently pull the top parts
of the model outwards,
making a boat shape.


9. Flatten well.
10. Tuck the little centre triangle under one of the sides. Then bring the outside corners to meet together, letting the sides move outwards.


Finished Snapper. To make it snap, hold as shown and press together.
It looks especiallly good with eyes!

Origami Snapper

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